Armed Forces and Federal Ministries


April 30, 2003

By: George Packard

Today, the United States is the only super-power on the face of the earth. With such power comes the ability to wage war unilaterally using our own country’s set of presuppositions and or priorities. Yet the United States is a country, that ostensibly is “God fearing” and “under God.” As...

April 30, 2003

By: George Packard

The following paper was delivered to the Clericus of the Diocese of Vermont Randolph, Vermont, November 19, 2002 by Bishop George Packard

Before beginning, and for the record, let me list the generally agreed upon basics of  Just War.

A Just War should:

Be executed as a...

April 8, 2003

(ENS) Two weeks before the first air strikes were launched on Baghdad, Bishop George Packard, suffragan in charge of the Episcopal Church's chaplaincies, reminded a gathering at the Episcopal Church Center that "when America goes to war, the Episcopal Church will go to war too"--in the person...

April 8, 2003

(ENS) For the most part, military chaplains come from congregations that receive the news that their priest is being mobilized and potentially deployed "suddenly," explains Bishop George Packard, the Episcopal Church's suffragan for chaplains. "It sends a shock wave through the whole...

November 19, 1998

Building on a close relationship built over the years, Bishop Charles Keyser, suffragan bishop for the Armed Forces, welcomed a delegation from the Russian Orthodox Church for an October tour of military installations and prison chaplaincies in the United States. "This is just the latest step...

By: Federal Ministries

Recently Bishop Packard attended the annual Awards Lunch for VA Chaplains, where our own Chaplain Bill Mahedy received the Chaplain of the Year award in the full-time category.  The luncheon speaker was Dr. Thomas L. Garthwaite, Under Secretary for Health.  The following is an excerpt from his...