Armed Forces and Federal Ministries


May 19, 2020

By: Liz Nolan

Northborough – Episcopal Church of the Nativity Pastor Chad McCabe is not only committed to his church community in Northborough, but continues his ministry as a chaplain in the Massachusetts Army National Guard 101st Artillery based in Brockton. He has been called to duty amid the COVID-19...

April 24, 2020

By: Egan Millard

Captain David Thames at the field hospital inside the Javits Center in New York City. Photo: Kleynia R. McKnight/U.S. Navy

[Episcopal News Service] At 58, Captain David Thames, a senior chaplain in the U.S. Navy, has seen and done more than most people do in their...

January 1, 2020

By: The Right Rev. Carl Walter Wright

Greetings in this New Year of Our Lord 2020. Please forgive me if you have seen a similar message before; but these thoughts came to me this time last year and, as near as we can tell, were never shared with you. I hope they will inspire you.

A soulful song popularized by the late Nina...

June 1, 2019

By: The Rt. Rev. Carl Walter Wright


My Friends: I greet you in the Name of the Lord on this 151st commemoration of Memorial Day. It is always an honor to stand in this House of Prayer for ALL people and bring an encouraging Word.

Euphemisms. Euphemisms. I am frequently struck by the many expressions...

March 6, 2019

By: The Right Reverend Carl Walter Wright

My dear Chaplain Colleagues:

As we enter the sacred Season of Lent 2019, please allow me a few very personal words. I come to this time with an attitude of gratitude, as the late Rev. Dr. Robert Schuller would say. This message was inspired by the literally hundreds of sympathy messages...

February 13, 2019

By: The Right Reverend Carl Walter Wright

I must begin with a Confession. In my mind, I’m speaking to you from the text, “Do not be afraid; for from henceforth you will be catching people! (Luke 5 and 10).” That’s in my mind. But in my heart, I will be speaking from the Cross. I can’t help it: I always talk about the Cross; I always...

November 1, 2018

By: Mass Communication Specialist 3rd Class Sara Eshleman

USS BULKELEY, At sea – “Stand by for the evening prayer.” The soft command arrives at the same time every evening. It’s a phrase Sailors aboard the Arleigh Burke-class guided-missile destroyer USS Bulkeley (DDG 84) have been hearing since day one of their seven-month deployment. Traditionally,...

July 11, 2018

By: Sharon Tillman

Representing Navy, Army and Air Force Chaplains Corps, these military chaplains care for the spiritual needs of those who serve in their respective branches of the military. Pictured from left: Paul Minor, Army; William Alford, Navy; Jen Pilat, Navy chaplain candidate;...

May 10, 2018

By: The Rt. Rev. Carl W. Wright

My friends: regardless of our age or experiences, we are seeds who were germinated in this seminary. I like the idea of referring to seminarians, regardless of age, as seeds. I found out that the germination process, like seminary, is not exactly easy. To show you where I got this idea I went...

November 10, 2017

By: The Rt. Rev. Carl Walter Wright VII Bishop Suffragan for the Armed Forces and Federal Ministries

I greet you in the Name of the Lord Jesus on this the 98th commemoration of “Veterans Day.” It used to be called “Armistice Day” in thanksgiving for the peace that was signed between the Allied and Axis powers.  When President Woodrow Wilson made the second Armistice Day (11 November 1919) an...


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