Navajoland Pilgrimage

Beginning in 2019, UTO and The Episcopal Church in Navajoland will host the first journey for 10 individuals to come together with the people of the three missions in Navajoland. We will spend one day in each region, learning about the traditions and cultures of the people of the area. We will enjoy a variety of experiences: learning how to make Navajo fry bread, hiking to see the stars in the immense night sky, and hearing stories that have been handed down through generations. We’ll connect with local artisans and chefs. Also, we will engage with UTO-funded projects to see the beauty of gratitude and innovation woven together in the context of the high desert. On the last day, we’ll visit Canyon de Chelly to learn more about how the landscape has shaped the Navajo people.

Document Date: 
Thursday, June 28, 2018 - 12:00