Catherine Amon


Catherine Amon is a Masters of Divinity student at Berkeley Divinity School at Yale. As a psychotherapist in practice in New York City and New Haven, Conn., and a spiritual retreat leader trained at Mercy Center in Madison, Conn., she is particularly interested in the integration of spirituality, psychotherapy and theological anthropology. She is currently the coordinator of the Committee on Spirituality in the International Society for Schema Therapy. She lives in Guilford, Conn., with her teenage son and English springer spaniel, and she is hoping to be accepted as a postulant in the Diocese of Connecticut.


June 2, 2012

Isaías 6:1-8 Empezamos las lecturas de este Domingo de la Trinidad con la visión inaugural y comisión profética de Isaías. Este pasaje se abre con lo inimaginable, Isaías ve a Dios. Y su respuesta, el demasiado familiar grito humano...