Ecumenical Covenants

One dimension of ecumenical relations is the development of covenants by Christian communities on a statewide or other local levels, often among churches that are organized with bishops as judicatory leaders. This page provides links to the texts of such covenants to which Episcopalians are signatories.

Albany Anglican-Roman Catholic Covenant (1987)
Central Pennsylvania Lutheran-Anglican-Roman Catholic Covenant (1993)
Los Angeles Episcopal, Lutheran, Roman Catholic Covenant (1993)
A Covenant among the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America, Northwest Lower Michigan Synod, the Episcopal Dioceses of Eastern and Western Michigan, and the Roman Catholic Diocese of Gaylord (2000)
Milwaukee Lutheran-Anglican-Roman Catholic Covenant (1993)
South Carolina Lutheran-Anglican-Roman Catholic-United Methodist Covenant (1995)
Virginia Lutheran-Anglican-Roman Catholic-United Methodist Covenant (2006)

Compiled in 2019 by Richard Mammana for the Episcopal Church Office of Ecumenical and Interreligious Relations.

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