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Prayer for the Power of the Spirit
Burial Office Prayers (Rite II)

Celebrating Graduation

As graduation season begins in the midst of closed school buildings and online learning, we encourage congregations to be creative in their approaches to honoring traditional spring rights of passage. Not only are high school seniors missing their moment to walk across a stage to receive a diploma, but many college seniors have also been sheltering in place and will never be back on their campuses to celebrate and say farewell to the friends they made during their higher education experience. Even our Episcopal Seminaries are planning for digital graduation ceremonies this spring.

The Faith Formation Department’s Office for Youth Ministries and Young Adult and Campus Ministries have been curating ideas, resources, and liturgies to share across the church with all of our faith communities. We hope that rural and isolated communities, as well as big program parishes, will find something that works for them. Our rituals and liturgies are designed for marking time through the liturgical year, for sharing our common story as Christian souls engaged in a mortal journey on Mother Earth. Let’s make sure that during this time of isolation in a pandemic our rising seniors know that they are valued in appropriate and helpful ways.

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U.S. Copyright Issues Related To Live Streaming Music

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Churches Providing Live-Streaming Worship

From The Episcopal Assetmap

To aid in your remote ministry, here are several Bible studies that address fear, something many people around the world are feeling right now. Read these studies together and discuss over phone calls, email, online meeting platforms or on social media.

Nancy Cox Davidge
Public Affairs Officer