Celebrating Baptism

The sacrament of baptism is an opportunity for joy, power, and a deep connection with tradition. This series follows the Gregory family as they navigate the process of preparing their young daughter, Anna, for baptism.

Watch as they discover the beautiful reason why we baptize, create lifelong relationships with the community of believers on this journey with them, and connect with the ancient history of God’s presence through this outward sacrament of inner grace.

Episode One: Preparation
Meet the Gregory family and join them as they are invited into a celebration of God’s grace as they prepare to have their daughter baptized. Use the Group Discussion Guide to dig deeper into the reasons behind baptism.

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Episode Two: Community
Find out how one family’s baptism connects them with the surrounding community, and why that is good for everyone. Use the Group Discussion Guide to discuss the many ways that community and family are intertwined.

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Episode Three: Celebration
Rejoice and celebrate with the Gregory family as their daughter’s baptism gives them a glimpse of the whole history of God’s presence. Use the Group Discussion Guide to talk about how sacraments connect us with our deeper history.

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