Women in Transition or Search Processes


The Rev. Canon Stefani Schatz and The Rev. Mary Moreno Richardson. Photo by Joseph Peters-Mathews, Diocese of California.

Transition involves many steps. It extends from a time of vocational discernment onward, into the early years after accepting on a new position or status (such as ordination). Every step along the way can bring challenges for women that men don’t often face. Some are external such as the need to balance family care-giving commitments with ministry, or the inability to relocate to a different diocese or geographic sector. Others may be internal, involving confidence or how to fit in with expectations that may have been based on experiences of male clergy. Women who belong to other under-represented groups have additional factors to consider in their discernment about a possible move.

A search process, as a type of transition, has its own set of challenges for female candidates as well as for those conducting it. Issues involve self-presentation, communication, how to treat questions or situations that might arise related to gender as well as effective negotiation skills, if called to a position. The tools and resources on this page seek to help women navigate these various challenges. If you would like to share a resource that might be helpful to other women, or you need a resource not listed, contact the Rev. Meghan F. Froelich, Director of the Office for Transition Ministry. 

5 Reasons You Need a Female Pastor

The Rev. Meghan Froehlich
Missioner for Transition Ministry