The Rev. Canon Winfred (Fred) B. Vergara, DMin, DD

Missioner for Episcopal Asiamerica Ministries

Share a little about yourself. How have you ministered in the Church?
I’m the missioner for Episcopal Asiamerica Ministries (EAM) in The Episcopal Church. Our network consists of churches from seven Ethnic Convocations: Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Filipino, South Asian, Southeast Asian, and Pacific Islander. There are over 150 such congregations all over the country. I am an American citizen of Filipino ancestry. I have lived, been educated, and served in three countries: Philippines, Singapore, and the United States. I have served as staff for three presiding bishops: +Frank Griswold, +Katharine Jefferts Schori, and now +Michael Bruce Curry.

How and where does Bless show up in your ministry?
As Asiamerica missioner, I assist the church in evangelism, church planting, congregational development, and leadership training, especially for Asiamerican Episcopalians. One of the flagships of my ministry is ANDREWS (Asiamerica Network of Disciples, Revivalists, Evangelists, Witnesses and Saints). Our goal for this triennium is to develop at least 70 well-trained, well-equipped, and well-empowered mentors (clergy and lay leaders) who will disciple at least two younger leaders.

How did it feel to give Blessing?
We are blessed to be blessings. God saved us for two reasons: one, a big reason – that we may gain abundant life on earth and eternal life in heaven; and the other, a bigger reason – that we maybe instruments in helping bring this abundant and eternal life to others.

What gives you hope about the future of your ministry?
I believe God orders the steps of my life. I believe “where God guides, God provides.” I have experienced these blessings as I rely on God’s grace. In all the blessings, I give God the glory. I have high hopes for my ministry in Christ and for the future of The Episcopal Church, which I love.

The Way of Love is the Presiding Bishop’s vision for The Episcopal Church. What about the Presiding Bishop gives you hope?
Among the presiding bishops, both living and dead, Bishop Michael Curry is probably the most visible and prominent in public life. His Way of Love theology sets a high standard that will probably color our common life and aspirations for decades. He is both a prophet and an evangelist. I think in times like these when Americans are polarized politically, socioeconomically, and religiously, Bishop Curry will stand out as an Episcopal leader with a uniting voice of reason and authenticity.

Are there any other thoughts on the practice of Bless you’d like to share?
The Episcopal branch of the Jesus Movement rocks!

T.J. Houlihan - Development Officer

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