The Annual Appeal: Creation Care

The BLESS Annual Appeal supports the Creation Care ministries of The Episcopal Church. At the 79th General Convention, it was affirmed that Creation Care was an integral part of our branch of the Jesus Movement. As disciples of Jesus Christ, The Episcopal Church recognizes that the Earth is the Lord’s (Psalm 24), has been made in and through Christ (John 1) and we are placed in it as a garden planet (Genesis 2).

Gifts to the Annual Appeal support the awarding of Creation Care grants to support local and regional eco-ministry efforts. Gifts provide the resources that The Episcopal Church uses to facilitate the engagement of creation care networks and eco-justice projects across local, state, and federal borders.

Loving - We will share stories of concern for the Earth and connect others who care.
Liberating - We will stand with those most vulnerable to environmental degradation and climate change.
Life-Giving - We will change our habits and choices to live more simply, humbly and gently on the Earth.

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