Andrea McKellar

Andrea McKellar is Ministry Developer for The Episcopal Church in South Carolina.

My current role encompasses transition ministry, Christian formation, youth, and leadership development in my diocese. I especially love working with congregations to find a new clergyperson and creative ways to be church in the 21st century. I have previously served in a parish as Director of Christian Formation and began finding my way in ministry in high school, serving as a Sunday School teacher and on the Diocese of Virginia’s Parish Youth Ministries board.

I experience great hope when small churches find a connection to their community through a new outreach program that reinvigorates them, or when churches in transition take the step of being ready to embrace change for the future. Presiding Bishop Michael Curry’s unbridled joy and love of Jesus also give me hope! He is truly preaching what is in his heart, and the authenticity of that message resonates with so many people in and outside of our churches.

There are small moments in church life that are especially meaningful to me, particularly baptisms. I love when we all take responsibility to help individuals grow in their faith, and I get emotional when I hear the words, “We receive you into the household of God.” And there are also the big moments that move me, like the Episcopal Youth Event where hundreds of people are together proclaiming our faith in and love of Jesus.

For me, giving a blessing to someone else is a particularly fulfilling experience. It affirms my ministry and that I am called to be in this place and time, serving the people of coastal South Carolina.

I give to The Episcopal Church Annual Appeal because I support the exciting programs and initiatives that the Church has set and I understand that it takes all of our commitments beyond our pledge to our local parish to make this important work happen.

Julia Alling - Annual Appeal Manager

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