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What's it like to be in YASC
YASC: What kind of work do they do?
A Young Adult Missionary in Africa
One young adult...and a mission to seafarers
One young adult...and migrant workers
One young adult...and a provincial archives
One young adult...and a South African clinic
One young adult...and a Roman refugee center

Young adults form faith through service in the Philippines
Almost everywhere you travel in the Philippines, you see rice: steamed and served in heaping bowls on every table; unhusked and drying in the sun alongside roads; bagged and ready to be milled; packed into trucks along the highway; and growing in fields and towering terraces across the landscape of 7,000-plus islands. Read more.

Spirit without Borders
Espíritu sin Fronteras, or Spirit without Borders, began with seven women of Amatepec’s Episcopal Church, San Andrés, informally gathered around a kitchen table learning to make candles from a YouTube video. Two years later, they have grown to ten active members of various ages and dispositions, meeting every day from 2 to 5 p.m., Monday through Friday, to share, work on the latest crafts, learn new techniques, and most importantly, to drink coffee. Because, as Rosita explained matter-of-factly, “una reunión sin café no es una reunión” (a meeting without coffee isn’t a meeting). Read more.

Episcopal missionaries nurture global partnerships, deepen Communion
Several years of serving as an Episcopal Church missionary taught Natalie Finstad that healing and change only really happen in the context of community and that “we cannot begin to recognize who we are in God without the presence of community.” Relationships with one another “invite us into a deeper understanding of who we are,” she told ENS shortly after she’d returned to the U.S. after four years living in Kenya, where she established the Tatua Kenya program to develop leaders and community organizers in East Africa to become agents of change. Read more.

Found in translation
Katie Young, Doug and Jenny Knight are three Young Adult Service Corps volunteers from the Episcopal Church working in Japan this year and I met them in Tokyo on my way to attend the second Anglican Peace Conference in Okinawa. I was also able to meet with Katie’s older brother Mike, and his wife Natalie. Mike had previously served as a YASC volunteer in Japan a few years earlier, so mission service runs in their family. Read more.

Elizabeth Boe
Mission Personnel Officer