Advocacy Resources

Below you will find resources focused on advocacy including Episcopal Church policy resources, tips for communicating with your elected officials, and more! We're constantly updating these materials, developing new and exciting ways to learn and engage with the ministry of policy advocacy. Visit our civic engagement page for additional resources on census engagement, election engagement and civil discourse

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Civic Engagement

Learn how to participate in our common life together. Find toolkits for engaging the 2020 Census, the 2020 U.S. election, and our curriculum for civil discourse.

Episcopal Church Policies

All work of the Office of Government Relations is grounded in the resolutions of The Episcopal Church General Convention and Executive Council, the legislative and governing bodies of the church. Explore these resources for summaries, history, and exact text of these resolutions. 


Note: Policy for Action 2018 does not include resolutions from General Convention 79 in Austin, TX. We are working with Archives to create a new resource that will include those resolutions. 

Advocacy Research Reports

See below for four exciting pilot advocacy research reports created by the Archives of the Episcopal Church. We hope to continue collaborating with Archives to create similar reports on other topics in the future. 

Improve Your Advocacy

Whether advocating at the international, federal, state, or local level, some of the same principles of relationship building and advocacy apply. Check out these resources for guidance on becoming an even stronger advocate! 

Our advocacy at the national level becomes more effective the more people are involved, so speak out!