Black Students Scholarships

The Episcopal Church supports future Church Leaders of the African Diaspora to further their academic goals by providing scholarship opportunities. Scholarships are primarily for students enrolled in theological education and specialized training. Funding for the program is derived from annual dividends of designated trust funds established by generous donors. The program is administered by a Scholarship Committee and the Office of Black Ministries. In 2019, $168,831 was awarded to black scholars. This year’s scholarship distribution:

- $86,900 awarded to ten seminarians from the Black Clergy Development Fund.  This fund was established in 1983 to be used for recruitment and scholarship aid for Black postulants and candidates for Holy Orders in the Episcopal Church.

- 54,396 was awarded from the Robert W. Patton Memorial Fund and the Mary J. Stroud to twelve scholars. Both funds were established in 1968.

- 18,170 was award to nine applicants from the Eckhart, Hattie Rebecca Anderson Memorial Fund. This fund was established in 1948.

- $9,365 was awarded to three deserving applicants from trust funds #40, #173 and #320 and #787.

Scholarships for the 2020/2021 academic year opens in the early spring and awards are generally granted in May. Typical awards range between $1,000 - $10,000 per year.

If you are interested in establishing a Trust in your name or in honor or memory someone, please email The Rev. Ronald C. Byrd, Sr. at

CONTACT: The Rev. Ronald C. Byrd, Sr.
Missioner for Black Ministries