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Prayer to locate Winston Smith, Jr. Vietnam Vet, Washington, DC. I think.
- Marilynn
Pray for my friend Steve who is having heart surgery today.
- Charles O.
Gracious Lord, Be present to my son Jim as he seeks a new position in youth ministry or finds a new path in life.
- Carol G
To avoid pornography and sexual content on the internet.
- Phillip D.
My father does not sleep because he is always worried please pray for a calm mind
- David J.
Lord, help my son to find his way.
- joyce l
Pray for my brother who hates and is unloving toward me.
- Pam A.
I ask for guidance in seeking employment and spiritual growth
- Sam
The Lord will continue to let this world go forward as never before. Provide transportation to the job and better housing on my parent's land. In Jesus name. Thank you. Again
- Marilynn